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Another Loose Sally

Good Night, Sally

December 20, 2012

Gwen Mullins and Another Loose Sally sign off for winter. . We are finally seeing signs of winter in Tennessee – temperatures below 40 degrees, frost on the window in the mornings. Not the deep snows of my friends in Vermont or Maine, nor the sleeting ice rain of the Pacific Northwest, but it’s colder [...]

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Hog Trough Dance

November 21, 2012

Joanne M. Lozar Glenn wants us to dance away our writing curses. I recently returned from my nephew’s wedding in Columbus Grove, Ohio. There I learned that because both bride and groom are oldest children, they didn’t have to witness the hog trough dance, a local tradition. The tradition dictates that the oldest siblings of [...]

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Write Me a Story

November 15, 2012

Sally White on using writing prompts to teach while nourishing her own secret joy that comes from inspiring creativity . Write a five-paragraph essay on what you did last summer. Actually, please never do that. I am your English teacher, and I will probably grow to like you over the course of our semester together, [...]

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Nixing the Numbers

November 7, 2012

Sion Dayson on numbers, birthdays, and being Zen (or not) . Although a writer should most concern herself with words, I’ve developed a sensitivity to numbers, too. My manuscript recently made it to the semifinal round of a well-regarded novel competition. In this case, semifinalist meant 15 plucked from a pool of 585. Though I [...]

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So Long, Sally

November 2, 2012

cheap accounting software In which Claire Guyton, whose feet immediately cramped the one and only time she attempted a genuine ballet pose, begs you, Dear Writer, to take the stage and hog the spotlight. . I have a busyness problem. And so do you, right? If you’re reading this you’re probably a writer and your [...]

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Write, Sally, Write! <em>Writing sex is hard.</em>

October 25, 2012

The second post for our Write, Sally, Write! series is in response to “Erotica/sex scenes/sexuality in poetry and prose.” . ~ Practical advice One of the best ways to learn how to bring more sensory details into your writing is to write a sex scene. If you're not touching, feeling, hearing, tasting, seeing and smelling [...]

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Writer: Job Title or Affliction?

October 18, 2012

Anna Craig ponders the pain and passion of choosing to be a writer (as if she had a choice) adobe photoshop software download According to my admittedly unscientific polling, everyone in the entire world wants to write a book. And you know what? They probably should. But fair warning—the title “writer” is a weighty one, [...]

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