Hunger Mountain - Vermont College Journal of the arts


by Michael David Madonick

Clouds mitigate the sun. In this
there is no defense. One can stipulate

that clear summer days are often unreasonably
intruded upon by vaporous encumbrances.

And that finally, is just another way
of saying the same thing. All of it

provokes challenge, update, a valid
interruption of what one sees. The leopard,

for instance, lounging on the limb
can only account for the weapon of himself, his dangling legs,

the inventory of claw and tooth. He has no knives.
He is the lance of himself–that which he throws

at the zebra and the wildebeest. No lawyers
concocting mediation. Nature does not

encourage the tête-à-tête. Form is a matter
for a judge, critics to make their case for.

In the mean-
time, no matter what, no one wants to go


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